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Parent coaching is the process of gaining control over your relationship with your children. It is not about controlling your children. It is about building a relationship that you learn to navigate through your child’s many stages. You and your child will learn how to communicate and understand one another by simple steps that I will coach you through.

3 Questions to Ask Yourself:

1.  Do you feel you are frustrated and angry with your child? 

2.  Do you feel, as a parent that your child thinks that you understand them? 

3.  Do you have positive communication with your child and does your child have positive communication with you? 

My Personal Experience

Has the day come when you woke up and asked, “what happened to my sweet baby? When did my child start to talk back? What happened to our relationship?”

Is your teenager refusing to communicate with you and therefore you feel helpless? Have you asked yourself, “When did you start to rebel?”

In this day and age, children have so many outside stimuli like video games, television, as well as social media influence.  We as parents must learn how to navigate this ever-changing landscape. 

I am a single mother of three beautiful children (who are now adults). In 2004, I became a family law mediator, certified with the Los Angeles County Bar Association. I worked directly with families that were separating and my specialty was child custody. Believe me when I tell you I have seen it all. This is when my role as a parenting coach began organically. 

I have personally experienced a volatile divorce and a grueling child custody fight. Eventually, I learned to communicate with my children. I received an awakening one day and realized that my children did not belong to me. They were on loan to me and my job was to teach them how to become productive members of society. This is where things changed for the positive. 

I started working with children directly in 2006. I taught children from eighth to twelfth grade in public speaking. This was such an eye-opener considering that public speaking is one of the biggest fears that we experience in our culture. These kids were in one of their most vulnerable states. I learned how to communicate on their level and listen to their fears. 

Contact Me About Parent Coaching

Since then, I have worked with children from the ages of 5 to 18 years old, in a therapeutic setting. Being a hypnotherapist, I have taught and given children of all age’s tools to make the changes in their lives positive ones. They learned to communicate with their parents and peers positively. Children love to visualize and imagine and those are the tools of hypnotherapy. Moreover, children do so well in hypnosis and really enjoy the imagery journeys.

If you are having trouble connecting with your children, you should really consider a Parent Coaching session. Call to learn more! (818) 601-7662. Feel free to check out my Facebook page as well!