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Hypnotherapy For Women

Let’s face it — Women are under a huge amount of pressure and stress that many men do not have to face. It is common for women to strive to be the ideal girlfriend/wife or the perfect mom all while mastering an array of jobs and tasks to multi-task just to prove their worth to the world. With the use of hypnosis, however, the stressors and emotional responses that are a result of these day to day happenings can be positively altered.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Contrary to common myths and movie portrayals where hypnotherapy can make you flap your wings like a chicken or run around with your clothes off, hypnotherapy is a calm and relaxing process that can help you achieve the positive changes you so desire. Hypnotherapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses a heightened state of focus, attention and relaxation to achieve a heightened state of consciousness that can also be referred to as a trance-like state. Hypnotherapy can be beneficial in treating physical or psychological ailments. Hypnotherapy is not a way for your hypnotherapist to give you answers to your problems, but a way for you yourself to find the solutions that have always been within.

What To Expect

Once you are in your hypnotic or trance state, your therapist will begin working with you to begin the changes that you are wanting to make while using suggestive language that is specific to the area of focus for your session. As your session comes to an end, your hypnotherapist will begin the process of gently transitioning you back into an awake state. Before you get up to leave you will speak with your therapist as they ask you a few questions. Clients often feel relaxed and ready for change when leaving their sessions. From your journey through the hypnotherapy to coming back into an “awake” state, you will begin to womanifest your desired changes.

Hypnotherapy Benefits

  • Stress Relief
  • Attracting Wealth
  • Finding Life Balance
  • Improving Confidence
  • Overcoming Fear
  • Activating Weight Loss
  • Releasing Pain
  • Finding A Positive Attitude
  • Finding Inner Peace
  • Sleeping Better

Hypnotherapy Uses For Women

  • Hypnobirthing– Hypnobirthing is the use of hypnotherapy in childbirth to provide a better experience for the mother. While hypnobirthing absolutely does not mean that everything will go smoothly, it may give you a better feeling of control and calm during the process. For mothers who would like to have a medication-free birth, hypnobirthing is a popular choice.
  • Fertility– By reducing stress, hypnotherapy can help with fertility issues that women face. By restoring your mental, emotional and physical health hormonal balance can be restored. Hypnotherapy can help you locate and change the thought and belief patterns that may be holding you back from conception.
  • Menopause– Even though menopause is a natural process that your body goes through, the symptoms that can come along with it can be debilitating. Hypnotherapy for menopause aims to rebalance and de-stress the body. Hypnotherapy may be able to find the root triggers of some of their most difficult symptoms.

Choose To Change Your Life Today

Cyn Severson M.A.C Ht is a certified hypnotherapist and Certified Master Facilitator of Therapeutic Imagery. She believes that in order to change the things that do not work in our lives we must change our way of thinking and womanifest our hearts desires. With a Masters of Arts in Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, and Peacebuilding, Cyn combines her own life experiences with her many years of research and education into human communication and behavior. Start the first steps of changing your life today by visiting our contact page. By signing up with your email, first-time clients can receive a 15 minute FREE consultation and your first hour hypnotherapy session for $50. What are you waiting for? Your desires are within reach.

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