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Hypnotherapist For Relationships

It is no surprise that we as humans crave physical intimacy, connection and communication. Throughout our entire lives we accumulate many different types of relationships whether it’s a platonic friend relationship, a family relationship, or a romantic relationship. If any of our relationships are threatened, we tend to be greatly affected by it. 

Through the use of hypnotherapy, some of the most common relationship issues can be helped. Hypnotherapy will aid in our understanding of why we do the things that we do and why we react in certain ways. It can also help with unlearning behaviors from past relationships that may be hindering the current ones.

What Hypnotherapy Can Help With

Confidence In Dating

The dating process can be a very scary journey to begin. Just the thought of having to open up to someone new and being vulnerable can deter many people away from getting into a relationship with anyone. Avoiding the dating scene may mean that there is a lack of confidence. Hypnotherapy can help with self-esteem and confidence that could be holding you back from taking that step into the dating pool. By understanding the subconscious reasons of a person’s self-beliefs, hypnotherapists can suggest positive ways to reframe certain self-conscious thoughts and actions.

Moving On

Nobody likes having to deal with a break-up, and in fact it can be very challenging to fully move on from a situation whether romantic or not. Some individuals can handle a break-up well, while others can become fully consumed by the sadness and pain that it can create. Hypnotherapy can support a person during this time by showing them a new perspective on the situation. Your hypnotherapist can take what may feel like a failed relationship and turn it into a positive learned lesson to take with them into their new relationships in the future. It is important when recovering and moving on from a past relationship to look ahead and turn negative feelings into ones that you can harness into positivity.

Toxic Relationships

While we often think of toxic relationships to be strictly in romantic relationships, toxic relationships can exist in friend and family relationships as well. Experiencing these toxic relationships can leave lasting effects. In these types of relationships, one person is often being gaslit or manipulated by another person which makes it challenging to walk away from the situation. Recovering from toxic relationships can be helped with the use of hypnotherapy. Any unhelpful behaviors or beliefs about one’s self can be addressed during a hypnotherapy session. It is also common for individuals who leave toxic relationships to have low self-esteem. In this case, hypnotherapy can be used to help regain confidence and overall mental strength.

Relationship Conflict

Arguments are bound to happen in relationships. When a person keeps having the same arguments with their partner, friend, or family member, however, it can be considered a pattern. Patterns can be first formed all the way back to a person’s first ever relationship with their parents. The way that someone experiences their parental relationships can affect them throughout their entire lives. The way that hypnotherapy can help with relationship conflicts that are influenced by learned behaviors is by diving deep into the root of the issue or issues that are causing specific conflict. While in a hypnotic state, the subconscious will begin to open up and allow the hypnotist to offer ideas and suggestions that can plant a seed to grow into new ways of thinking.

Hypnotherapy With Cyn Severson M.A.C. Ht

Do you need help with navigating your current relationships? Are you ready to use hypnotherapy as a tool for improving all aspects of them? If so, and you are looking for hypnotherapy services in Los Angeles, California, please contact Cyn Severson M.A.C Ht today to schedule your private session. It is Cyn’s belief that human energy knows no barriers, and therefore, Zoom and phone sessions are available for those who are not located in the area or are unable to come into the office. All office hours are by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, please use the contact page. You can also call Cyn Severson at (816) 601-7662 or via email at

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