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Hypnotherapy For Public Speaking

The fear of public speaking is widespread in today’s society, and in fact, it is currently one of the world’s leading fears. The technical term for this deep-rooted fear is glossophobia. For many people, just the thought of having to stand up in front of a crowd and speak can cause extreme stress. With the increased use of digital communication such as texts and emails, public speaking anxiety has become more common while giving people with this phobia an easy way out.

When public speaking situations do arise, however, individuals should aim to be ready and confident. To help remedy this fear, anyone can now take their power back by participating in hypnotherapy sessions for their public speaking fears. In fact, Cyn Severson M.A.C Ht offers hypnosis sessions that can be geared towards whatever fear, phobia, or anxiety you are having. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please use the contact page. You can also call Cyn Severson at (816) 601-7662 or by sending an email to

What is Public Speaking Anxiety?

Glossophobia is the fear of public speaking and can be rooted in social anxieties. This fear affects 4 out of 10 Americans. This type of anxiety disorder goes beyond slight nervousness. This type of speaking anxiety can be based on fear of making mistakes, being judged, or simply sounding unintelligent. However, more often than not, these thoughts and beliefs are out of proportion and not based on reality.

Signs That You May Have Glossophobia

If you are wondering if you may fear public speaking, there are a few tell-tale symptoms that the body may produce that can be a sign you suffer from public speaking anxiety. While speaking in front of other people, you may have:

  • Dry Mouth
  • Nauseousness
  • Rapid Heart Rate
  • Sudden Panic
  • Shaking

How Hypnosis Can Help Public Speaking Anxiety

As with most of the fears that we have as humans, it is not something that we can consciously control. If we could, we wouldn’t have those fears. The symptoms and signs that you may have public speaking anxiety actually come from the unconscious mind, which is why it is perfect to be dealt with using hypnosis. The unconscious, or subconscious mind, holds our feelings, memories, and any feelings of pain or anxiety that are unpleasant. Hypnosis taps into this part of the brain and transmutes the energy and thoughts into positivity and achieving new goals or finding new perspectives on things that might frighten you. Cyn Severson M.A.C. Ht will use suggestion techniques during an individual’s session to change any negative thought pattern that one may have surrounding public speaking. 

Once in a hypnotic trance, an individual’s mind is more receptive to new and different information than previously believed. Hypnotherapy is one of the most popular tools for public speaking anxiety as people can find it empowering to remove these fearful thoughts from their subconscious. 

The Hypnotherapy Process

If you are unsure if you have a fear of public speaking, hypnotherapy can help uncover it. Once in the deeply relaxed trance that hypnotherapists like Cyn Severson will speak to you and your unconscious mind to reach the event or events that may be triggering your fear of public speaking or glossophobia. Once the event has been found, Cyn Severson will use a hypnotherapy technique called suggestive language to change your thoughts about the triggering event. Each hypnotherapy session is meant to remove negative thought patterns about a situation and to promote positive thinking and internal calm instead when faced with phobias such as public speaking.

When you become a client of Cyn Severson, you can expect to be given a test that gauges how suitable you may be for the hypnotherapy process. Every hypnotherapy session differs from person to person, but the process usually includes the following processes:

  • Making sure the client is calm and comfortable in the therapeutic environment.
  • Speaking to the unconscious mind using visuals and guided imagery.
  • Using positive affirmations that can help clients to maintain a positive attitude.
  • Focusing the client on deep concentration for their highest benefit during their session.

Overcome Your Fear With Cyn Severson M.A.C. Ht

Are you ready to rid yourself of crippling fears that can hold you back in becoming greater in your life and career? If so, and you are looking for hypnotherapy services in Los Angeles, California, please contact Cyn Severson M.A.C Ht today to schedule your private session. It is Cyn’s belief that human energy knows no barriers, and therefore, Zoom and phone sessions are also available for those who aren’t located in the LA area or are unable to come into the office physically. Virtual sessions can often make clients feel empowered and even more in control of their hypnotherapy journey. All office hours are by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, please use the contact page. You can also call Cyn Severson at (816) 601-7662 or via email at

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If you’re looking for hypnotherapy services in LA or via a remote location, Cyn Severson has you covered. You can look through the hypnosis and hypnotherapy pages and browse through some of the blogs in which there are topics of specific services that can be provided, such as hypnotherapy for relationships, fear of the future, and so much more.

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