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Hypnotherapy For Overcoming Trauma

Hypnotherapy For Overcoming Trauma

Experiencing a traumatic event can be crippling, which is why overcoming trauma is necessary. There are several treatments that someone who finds themselves suffering can take advantage of. However, some behavioral therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, CBT, cognitive processing therapy, CPT, and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, EMDR on its own, may not work for everyone. In this case, hypnotherapy can be a great additional tool for emotional trauma symptoms.

What is Trauma?

When a terrible event occurs, it can elicit an emotional response from those that were a part of an accident, natural disaster, or other life-altering events. Both short and long-term reactions can occur and include denial, flashbacks, unstable emotions, and physical discomfort. While these feelings can be a normal reaction for a short period, some individuals who have experienced trauma can find it challenging to move forward in their lives.

Three Types of Trauma

Trauma is often divided into three distinct types. These types are acute trauma, chronic trauma, and complex trauma.

  • Acute Trauma: This type of trauma is often the result of a single event that is severe enough to threaten the individual’s emotional and physical security.
  • Chronic Trauma: When an individual is exposed to several traumatizing experiences over an extended period. This trauma may come from a long-term illness or sexual abuse, for example.
  • Complex Trauma: This type of trauma can be due to exposure to several different traumatic experiences. For instance, childhood abuse and domestic violence often are associated with complex trauma.

How Trauma Can Affect The Brain

According to an article from Dialogues Clin Neurosci, traumatic stress can have a wide range of effects on the brain’s structure and its functions. The brain’s specific areas implicated in stress response are the amygdala, hippocampus, and prefrontal cortex. Preclinical studies have shown that stress most affects these areas of the brain.

Traumatic stressors also have been shown to lead to post-traumatic stress disorder, PTSD, if not handled promptly. Roughly 8% of Americans suffer from PTSD in their lives, including depression, personality disorders, and health issues.

The Process of Helping to Heal

Those who are contemplating hypnotherapy, but are not familiar with it, Cyn Severson M.A. C., H.t., has you covered. Below are a few touch-points of the hypnotherapy process:

  • Clients will begin in a safe space. This space can be in the office or at home via Zoom.
  • Cyn will slowly help put all clients into a deep state of relaxation that will last for the entire appointment time.
  • Suggestive language and positive affirmations will be spoken to the client while in the hypnotic trance.

Hypnosis Works as a Tool For Overcoming Trauma

Hypnosis is an evidence-based tool that is gentle enough to heal trauma while also addressing the client’s specific needs. The unconscious mind is more susceptible to suggestions when in a hypnotic state. Once in a trance-like state, Cyn Severson M.A. C., H.t. will begin to safely unlock the memories surrounding the trauma that is affecting the client’s life, therefore, overcoming their trauma. Cyn can identify the client’s triggers during a hypnotherapy session to make them less effective or change the way you feel about them. Many suggest that through hypnotherapy, issues such as disassociation from trauma may be reduced and possibly even prevented altogether.

Claim Your Free 15 Minute Hypnotherapy Consultation

You don’t have to face anything alone. Take ahold of your life and take the next step in the journey of healing trauma. Schedule a 15-minute consultation with Cyn Severson. This 15-minute consultation is entirely free. What are you waiting for? Change your life – today. Simply call (818) 601-7662 or email Cyn directly at Take control of your life rather than letting it take control of you. Let’s move forward into creating a better and brighter future.

In Need of Other Services?

Are you looking for other hypnotherapy services to help you move forward in your life? Cyn Severson is offering remote hypnotherapy sessions via Zoom for a wide array of life issues. Check out the hypnotherapy page to read an overview of how hypnotherapy can benefit your life. To find more of the specific services that Cyn offers, review the blog section. Cyn helps many individuals to begin to heal and overcome their anxiety, depression, relationships, and more.

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